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Wood Blocks and Wooden Cubes

Our wood blocks - wood cubes are made from high quality birch or maple wood
Our unfinished wood blocks are made from the highest quality birch or maple wood. Our wooden blocks or wood cubes have a smooth surface and are an excellent choice when a high quality unfinished wood block is needed for your craft or woodworking project. Whenever they are available, we purchase wood blocks and wood cubes from manufacturers in the USA.
BLK38 Wood Blocks - Cube 3/8 Inch Pkg/100 $6.99
BLK12 Wood Blocks - Cube 1/2 Inch Pkg/100 $6.99
BLK58 Wood Blocks - Cube 5/8 Inch Pkg/100 $9.99
BLK34 Wood Blocks - Cube 3/4 Inch Pkg/100 $9.99
BLK78 Wood Blocks - Cube 7/8 Inch Pkg/100 $12.99
BLK1 Wood Blocks - Cube 1 Inch Pkg/50 $7.99
BLK114 Wood Blocks - Cube 1-1/4 Inch Pkg/50 $13.99
BLK112 Wood Blocks - Cube 1-1/2 Inch Pkg/50 $26.99
BLK134 Wood Blocks - Cube 1-3/4 Inch Pkg/25 $15.99
BLK2 Wood Blocks - Cube 2 Inch Pkg/10 $11.95
BLK212 Wood Blocks - Cube (Pine Wood) 2-1/2 Inch Pkg/10 $19.95
BLK38 3/8 Inch Wood Block BLK12 1/2 Inch Wood Block BLK58 5/8 Inch Wood Block BLK78 7/8 Inch Wood Block BLK1 1 Inch Wood Block BLK114 1-1/4 Inch Wood Block BLK134 1-3/4 Inch Wood Block BLK2 2 Inch Wood Block BLK212 2-1/2 Inch Wood Block BLK34 3/4 Inch Wood Block BLK114 1-1/4 Inch Wood Block Wood Blocks For Arts & Crafts

Wooden Blocks Product Information

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