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Rusty and Rusted Tin Primitive Shapes

Use our rusted tin shapes for embellishments on arts and crafts projects or other decorating

around the home.

Check out all our rusty and rusted tin shapes. We have rusty animals, rusty bears, rusty moose, rusty leaves, rusty cabin primitives, rusted snowflakes, rusted bucket, and rusty tin Christmas garland, along with several styles of rusted tin hearts and rusty tin stars.
5" Rusted Tin Star Rusted Tin Moose Rusted Tin Star Garland Rusted Tin Maple Leaves Rusted Tin Lodge Assortment Rusty Tin Snowflake Rusty Tin Bucket

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Rusty Tin Star Candle Holder
This rusted tin star measures 5" and has two holes for adding ribbon, jute ohanger. 5 Inch Rusted Tin Star ITEM# 6500-42 Price: $1.19/Each
Tin Star Asssortment
Rusted Tin Star Assortment ITEM# 6551-82 Price: $2.49/Pkg
This assortment of 7 rusted tin stars, measures in size from 5/8" to 2-1/8".  Great for all your crafting applications where a rusted tin star is needed for an accent to your craft.
This 5" Rusted Tin Star makes a great candle holder for small pillar candles or use for potpourri or other crafting applications.  Center is recessed about 1/2" from edge.
Rusted Tin Star ITEM# 6556-37 Price: $1.27/Each
Rusty Folk Art Hearts Rusty Folk Art Hearts Rusty Folk Art Hearts 4" Rusted Heart
This rusted tin heart measures 4" and has two holes for adding ribbon, jute or other type of hanger. 4 Inch Rusted Tin Heart ITEM# 6500-41 Price: $1.19/Each
This package contains four 2-1/4" rusty folk hearts.  Although they are labeled as folk hearts, their shape is more like a standard heart. 2-1/4" Rusty Folk Heart (Pkg of 4) ITEM# 6551-40 Price: $1.49/Pkg
3/4" Rusty Folk Heart This package contains eight 3/4" rusty folk hearts.  Great for craft accents. 3/4" Rusty Folk Heart (Pkg of 8) ITEM# 6551-42 Price: $1.49/Pkg
1" Rusty Folk Heart This package contains six 1" rusty folk hearts.  Great for craft accents. 1" Rusty Folk Heart (Pkg of 6) ITEM# 6551-41 Price: $1.49
This 6-piece rusted tin maple leaf assortment contains two 2-1/4" maple leaves and four 1-1/4" maple leaves. Rusted Tin Maple Leaf Assortment (Package of 6 pieces) ITEM# 6551-89 Price: $1.99
Get a total of three 4" rusty tin snowflakes in this package.  A great addition to your Holiday crafts. 4 Inch Rusted Tin Snowflake (Package of 3) ITEM# 6554-70 Price: $1.89
This 6 piece rusted tin set includes a tree, moose, fish, bear, canoe and oar.  This is a really nice "lodge theme" set. Rusted Tin Lodge Assortment (Package of 6 pieces) ITEM# 6551-85 Price: $1.99
This 2" Rusted Tin Moose comes 4 per package.  A great accent piece for your craft project. 2" Rusted Moose (Package of 4 pieces) ITEM# 6551-31 Price: $1.49
Rusted Tin Star Garland This rusted tin star garland measures 4 feet in length and has three 2" stars and three 3" stars. ITEM# 6551-57 Price: $2.99
This Rusty Tin Bucket measures 2-1/8" in height and 2-1/4" wide at the top.  It has a moveable handle and is ready for you to paint on a scene or add to any craft project. ITEM# 6500-75 Price: $1.49
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