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Wood Furniture Buttons & Plugs

Our wood furniture buttons and plugs  are made from high

quality birch wood

Our wood furniture buttons and plugs are made from high quality birch and are great when a high quality button or plug is required. They are consistent in color and are very smoothly finished. We purchase our wooden furniture buttons and plugs from only the best mills that we have a history of doing business with and who have proven their ability to provide us with a high quality product.  Whenever they are available, we purchase from manufacturers in the USA.
Wood Furniture Buttons and Wood Plugs
BUT14 Buttons (Birch) 1/4 Hole Size (Pkg./100) $2.64
FHP14 Flat Head Plugs (Birch) 1/4 Hole Size (Pkg./100) $2.56
BUT516 Buttons (Birch) 5/16 Hole Size (Pkg./100) $2.99
1/4" Wood Flat Head Plug
FHP516 Flat Head Plugs (Birch) 5/16 Hole Size (Pkg./100) $2.49
BUT38 Buttons (Birch) 3/8 Hole Size (Pkg./100) $2.75
FHP38 Flat Head Plugs (Birch) 3/8 Hole Size (Pkg./100) $2.75
5/16" Wood Furniture Button 1/4" Wood Furniture Button
BUT12 Buttons (Birch) 1/2 Hole Size (Pkg./100) $3.20
FHP12 Flat Head Plugs (Birch) 1/2 Hole Size (Pkg./100) $3.20
RHP12 Round Head Plugs (Birch) 1/2 Hole Size (Pkg./100) $3.20
BUT58 Buttons (Birch) 5/8 Hole Size (Pkg./100) $5.60
BUT34 Buttons (Birch) 3/4 Hole Size (Pkg./100) $5.99
BUT1 Buttons (Birch) 1 Inch Hole Size (Pkg./100) $9.80
1/2" Wood Round Head Furniture Button and Plug
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